Grandmother, 88, zip lines for birthday

Local - 5/11/2013 6:38 PM by Karen Franklin
TAMS - "I don't have a lot of time, so if I'm going to do it, I got to do it now," said 88-year-old grandmother Haley Cox Bonds.

Take it from her. Age ain't nothing but a number. Cox Bonds, of Stotesbury, decided to celebrate her birthday over the West Virginia mountains.

"I'm getting nervous a little bit nervous -- so many people around, you know, to talk to. But I'm OK. OK. Good lord's with me all the way," she told WOAY.

Cox Bonds was born in 1925. She took to the zip line at Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park for a very happy birthday.

"With mom -- I've always said -- I've always encouraged her if she wants to do something and she's able to do it, I say go for it," her son, Tom Cox, said. "You know, she's pretty spunky."

Her bravery was the talk of the town.

"Her being 88 years old and going to ride a zip line, that's just amazing within itself," said Pastor Donald Cook, who's in charge of the New Salem Baptist Church. "We have so much love and respect for her doing that."

Cox Bonds did it all for Cook's church in Tams, which is in much need of renovation.

"Old church, old church," Cook told WOAY. "It's like the pilar of the community actually. It's probably the only building left in Tams now."

Burning Rock is donating $5 to the church for every rider Saturday, and Cox Bonds was surrounded by dozens of supporters.

"We've always supported each other," said Tom Cox, who is also a pastor. "The churches supported each other, and they haven't been as successful in maintaining their church, so we've always just tried to help keep their church up, keep it maintained."

Cook was very thankful for all of the support.

"In a community of people that don't even know us, that really just extended their love and care toward this project, it's just really amazing," he said.

After her ride, she said she'd do it all again -- eventually.

"Oh, I didn't say today, but I would do it again," Cox Bonds told WOAY.


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