Greenbrier County Sheriff comments on recent meth arrests

Local - 5/8/2013 5:10 PM by Rebecca Turco

LEWISBURG - Greenbrier County Sheriff Jan Cahill said his deputies are actively combating the methamphetamine epidemic in the area.

Cahill has noticed a recent migration of meth into the county. He said it is a difficult drug for law enforcement to combat because the ingredients and instructions to create meth are easily available.

The Sheriff's Department uses investigative techniques and tools to discover meth labs, but Cahill said tips from the public also come in handy. "We're getting a lot of input when it comes to this methamphetamine epidemic we're dealing with," he said. "I think it's because the public does realize the hazards of it and it certainly is a dangerous drug."

Meth is especially dangerous because it is flammable and toxic. You are asked to alert your local law enforcement if you suspect any meth labs in the area.


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