Bachelor parties battle in paintball game

Local - 5/5/2013 6:11 PM by Karen Franklin
MINDEN - It was a tale of two bachelor parties Sunday morning at ACE Adventure Resort in Minden.

More than twenty men took to the new paintball field in a brutal battle against best men.

"Wanted to do something different," said bachelor Josh Leedui. "Hang out with my friends. Actually just have some good ol' bro time."

Friend Ryan Bowers, also from Ohio, was by his side.

"It's a good time," Bowers told WOAY. "You get to shoot all your buddies and hopefully make them cry."
But the game was especially tough in a brutal round of the gauntlet. It left the bachelor and his friends with dozens of war wounds.

"When you're playing the game, it doesn't hurt," Leedui said. "Like, it doesn't hurt that bad. I'm being serious -- it doesn't. When you do the gauntlet -- that you have to do when you're getting married -- it hurts like crap."

Another member of the wedding, Taylor Bogner, testified to the pain.

"You just get shot with paintballs at close range, and yeah, there's really no rules," Bogner said. "You just run."

For those who don't know what kind of pain is caused by a paintball, Bowers explained.

"It would be like driving down the highway at 100 mph and a big bee hitting you in the face," he told WOAY. "Yeah, it's pretty sharp. You got some adrenaline going, so you don't feel it."

A day of paintball put the bride-to-be at ease.

"She didn't have to worry about me hanging out with any girls," Leedui said.

ACE is building another paintball course that it hopes will attract more people.

"It's really a fun way to get out in the outdoors and just have a good time with a bunch of different people," said Chase Canterbury.

"I come out here just to play paintball," said William Corley. "I love it. I've played it for a couple of years so."

The resort also has plans to hold open paintballing for locals on Friday and Saturday nights.

"You can just come on up and play," said Brandon Shaw of ACE. "You bring your own equipment if you like. Just pay a field fee and enjoy in an open game."


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