West Virginians taste world cuisines

Local - 4/28/2013 6:50 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - West Virginians traveled around the world Sunday -- or around the room -- to taste treats from far away at the annual YMCA International Dinner.

"I like the jerk chicken from Jamaica," said Hong Kong native Yingwei Mulready. "Actually, this is my second year. We came here last year for the first time. I love the chicken so much, that's why we come back."

Several hundred guests filled the Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center  and chose from 15 tables of foreign food. Young and old dined on Chinese, Polish and classic American that easily won over their appetites.

"My favorite food is the Polish Sausage because it was so soft and it was really good," Dominic Rotellia told WOAY.

By his side was friend Steffen James, also from Glade Springs.

"My favorite food was the meatballs because it was spicy," he said.

But the crowd favorite seemed to be food from the land of the Himalayas.

My favorite dish was from the Nepal Club, and it was the spicy chiken and pork," said Tony Culicerto of Beckley. "Just spicy enough but didn't burn my mouth."

Miles Smith agreed.

"I enjoy the atmosphere in general, but the Nepalese food was phenomenal," Smith told WOAY. Absolutely the best, and especially with their presentation with the singing and dancing and whatnot."

The tasty food was accompanied by Indian music and song and dance from Nepal.

The event was hosted by the YMCA. The $5,000 the club hopes to raise will go toward youth programs both local and abroad.

"Kind of gives people the realization of how diverse our cultures are here in southern West Virginia," said Jay Rist of the YMCA. "You have everything from Middle Eastern all the way around to Irish to the Italian table. So it's kind of across the board."


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