Former Fla. Governor Jeb Bush speaks at Bluefield College, discusses presidential candidacy rumors

Local - 4/16/2013 5:50 PM by Rebecca Turco

BLUEFIELD, Va. - Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush discussed sustained economic growth at Bluefield College Tuesday morning, as a part of the Shott Lecture Series.

Bush said America needs to adapt in order to move forward. Among other points, he said access to higher education should be improved, mentioning that student loan programs should be reward-driven. Bush also said family values as a whole need to be improved in order to strengthen America.

Local residents attended Bush's lecture, as well as students invited from local colleges. Aaron Owens, a history major at Concord University, explained Bush is part of a political legacy and he was honored to hear him speak. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to speak at an event like this. So I'm very excited," he said.

At a news conference just before the lecture, Bush commented on rumors of his presidential candidacy. He said he has not started the process to decide if he will run or not. "I know that there's a right time to make these decisions and right now, for me, it's not the right time," Bush explained. "So down the road sometime, I'll pause and reflect on whether it's the right thing for myself, for my wife, for my family."

Bush said he will begin deciding whether to run for president first through conversations with loved ones, and then next year he will examine the specifics of a potential candidacy.


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