Blood Feud between two Fayette County high schools

Local - 4/15/2013 6:22 PM by Rebecca Turco
HICO - A feud is going on between two Fayette County high schools - and they want your blood!

Fayetteville and Midland Trail High Schools are having a Blood Feud to see which school can collect the most blood. Both schools have held blood drives since the beginning of the school year.

Blood Drive Coordinator Frank Isaacs, a special education teacher at Midland Trail High School, said since the two schools have always been rivals, school officials thought it would be fun to make a friendly competition. "We're trying to bridge two communities anyway, so let's go ahead and do it with a blood drive," he said. "And what better cause than to help both communities."

Richard Petitt, assistant principal of Midland Trail High School, said the students are very excited to compete. He said he hopes they learn life lessons from the Blood Feud. "I think the most important part is the kids are learning not only to be better people in general, but they're giving back to their community that's given to them this far in their lives."

Both schools are having a blood drive on May 10 during the school day. Another blood drive will be at Fayetteville High School on May 29 and at Midland Trail High School on May 21.


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