PSD addressed concerns over scrapped generators

Local - 4/12/2013 8:15 AM by Nadine Grimley

GAULEY BRIDGE - Officials with a public service district cleared up concerns from Gauley Bridge residents that accused them of inappropriately disposing several generators.

At a meeting Thursday night, the Kanawha Falls Public Service District told resident Sam Lilly that they got rid of four older-model generators from several waste water pump stations to avoid thousands of dollars in costs.

Lilly worried that the PSD allowed it's employees to scrap the generators and pocket the cash, but officials said having two district employees scrap the unusable generators was the most cost-effective solutions.  The generators were evaluated and declared junk.

"It sounds very logical," said Lilly, "the elderly people are all the time asking me questions, and the only way that I can give them answers was to come find the answers.  You hear a lot of scuttle, but you don't know whether it's true or not.  This way I know for sure."

Officials said they're working closely with FEMA to ensure the availability of generators in the case of a disaster.  They said working with the agency will prevent unnecessary investments. 


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