Loosing the love of her life

Local - 4/5/2013 6:47 PM by Courtney Rosemond
OAK HILL-At Upper Big Branch you have tragedy, loss, emptiness. Left wondering why? How come? All questions that may never be answered and through all the pain, grief and even agony Bobbie Pauley a fiance spared struggles daily but remembers the love she once shared with what she calls the love of her life.

She describes her Boone as, "He was happy, he was happy, all the time and he brought happiness to anyone who was around him."

Howard Payne or Boone to many lived his life to the fullest according to his fiance Bobbie Pauley.

She says, "I always say that I knew a different side of Boone, that the mine knew."

Boone and Bobbie met at Upper Big Branch. He was a strong hardworking but more importantly, to Bobbie he was emotional and a hopeless romantic, and those are the things she misses.

"I miss things like that, just the affection, deep affection that we had for each other."

Bobbie was at Boone's Cabin Creek home making him dinner, even heating it up, he was running late on April 5th 2010. Little did she know her world was about to be tipped upside down.

"That hurts the most, I couldn't save him, I wasn't there with him, when he left this earth."

It's still a daily struggle for Bobbie, living with the loss of Boone and her 28 other co-workers at The Upper Big Branch Mine.

"Part of me is missing, it's kind of like you're hearts been shattered in a million pieces and you don't know where to begin to put it back together. I miss him everyday you know I cry for him every day always have but you know it doesn't get any easier. They say that, time heals the wounds I believe that time, forces you to accept the fact that he's not coming back."

Bobbie says she has nothing but good memories of the time she spent with Boone... But so far nothing has healed her broken heart..

"It's just left such a sadness an emptiness that you can't describe. It's like you're not."

With Boone Bobbie was happy, all that's left is pictures, of memories lost, just like the men underground.


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