Dentist heading to jail

Local - 4/3/2013 1:53 AM by Courtney Rosemond

OAK HILL- An Oak Hill dentist is going to jail after pleading guilty last year to 6 counts of illegally prescribing drugs to family members.

62 year-old Charles Shelton was sentenced Tuesday to six counts of illegally prescribing hydrocodone to his son and daughter and law. He pleaded guilty to the charges in November. Shelton was indicted in May on 30 counts of constructive delivery of a controlled substance. He will serve 1 to 5 years for each of the six counts. Counts 1 through 4 are to be served consecutively with counts 5 and 6 to be served concurrently. He is also responsible for court costs; Prosecutor Carl Harris said Shelton owes more than 250,000 dollars in back taxes to the IRS. Judge John Hatcher denied all probation requests due to the severity of the charges.


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