Justice responds to airport tower's upcoming closing

Local - 4/2/2013 6:11 PM by Rebecca Turco
WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS - The Greenbrier's owner, Jim Justice, said closing the Greenbrier Valley Airport's traffic tower will hurt both the resort and the community.

Justice said the resort relies on the airport, especially during the Greenbrier Classic. The tower is among 149 across the country that are set to close because of automatic federal budget cuts.

Justice said the airport, an "integral" part of the community, serves many families in the community who need its services. "It's almost like the centerpiece of the community," he explained. "And when you lose that, you lose really an awful lot."

The airport tower is scheduled to close on May 5, just as the Greenbrier's busiest season begins. The Greenbrier accounts for an estimated 60 percent of the airport's traffic each year, according to Airport Manager Jerry O'Sullivan.


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