New foundation hosts trips for local, disabled veterans

Local - 3/30/2013 6:11 PM by Karen Franklin
LAKE SUMMIT - A new foundation that helps local, disabled veterans launched its program Saturday with a morning of fishing on Lake Summit.

Mountain State Healing Heroes is a non-profit group that caters to mentally and physically disabled vets. Its members provide one-on-one peer support and educate families of men and women who return from service.

"We just want to let these guys know that you know, we wouldn't have left them on the battlefield -- I'm sure they wouldn't have left us -- so we're here for them," said Iraq War Veteran and MSHH co-founder Charlie Lewis. "Our commitment to them doesn't end when the uniform comes off."

Healing Heroes said it would like to create a large support network for veterans in need and also faciliate their integration into life back at home.

"We have a comradery amongst ourselves because we understand your family," founder Samuel Boothe told WOAY. "When you work together, eat together, sleep, drink, play together, or go to combat or war together, who do you want to talk to? Someone else who has done the same."

MSHH plans to hold weekly fishing, sightseeing and hunting trips at no cost to injured vets and their families.

"To understand a West Virgina disabled vet, it sure helps to be a disabled West Virginia vet," Boothe said.


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