Police: Suspect stabs clerk, clerk runs after suspect with baseball bat

Local - 3/20/2013 5:07 PM by Lauren Haviland
PRINCETON - State Police are looking for the man who they say tried to rob a Mercer County convenience store.

Police said the incident happened around 8 P.M. at Melrose Square.  They said a white man about 6'0" tall came in demanding money.  He took a kitchen knife and stabbed the clerk, who received non-life threatening injuries.  The clerk then took a baseball bat and ran after the suspect who fled through the back door..

"Just give up the money because it's not worth your life for a couple hundred dollar, but there again it's kind of hard to say. Maybe this teller felt that he was in a better position to fend just because he had a knife, now if it had been a gun might have been something.  I personally would say go ahead and give them the money and let them go," said Cpl. A.P. Christian.

Employees said this is not the first time their store had been robbed.  Police are reviewing surveillance video.


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