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Weather - 1/20/2014 7:00 PM

Significant snow & extreme cold
Good evening everyone! Happy MLK Day. Expect the rest of Monday evening to be quiet, the calm before the storm. And boy oh boy do we have a storm coming our way. Much more intense than the last few we've seen. 

By Tuesday morning expect snow to develop rapidly over our entire viewing area from west to east. Temperatures start off in the middle 20s, rising briefly to the upper 20s and lower 30s as we head toward the lunch hour but after that they will fall quickly into the 10s by dinner time. Snow will be heavy, and could fall at or faster than one inch per hour. 

Expect 4" to 6" for our entire area, the higher elevations could see 6" to 9" of accumulation. Remember winds will be breezy as well so visibility will be very low. Roads will likely be treacherous or impassible in some areas. Wind Chills could be between zero and ten below zero at times Tuesday night into Wednesday. 


Everyone is under a Winter Storm Warning. 

McDowell, Wyoming, Raleigh, Fayette, Nicholas, and Pocahontas counties are under the warnings until 1:00am Wednesday morning. 

Tazewell, Mercer, Summers, Monroe, and Greenbrier counties until 10:00pm Tuesday. 


Wednesday we will see mostly sunny skies behind the storm as we dig out, temperatures will be very cold. Expect highs to reach only the lower 10s at best after Wednesday morning lows around zero, or just below zero. 

Thursday we stay cold, highs only in the single digits to around 10 degrees for many of us. Expect another very weak clipper system to come on through, this one only looking to bring another inch or two of snow as of snow. 

Friday we see more sunshine but this will be day three of highs only into the middle for us. Very very cold air. 

Saturday it appears another clipper system approaches the area, bringing another bout of accumulating snow, lasting into Sunday. The timing is not for certain as our weather models are in some disagreement with each other, but we will watch it closely for you. As of now it looks like it could bring more snow, and more frigid cold weather behind it. 

Please stay safe, and stay prepared as we continue to deal with a very active and very cold winter weather season. 

-Chief Meteorologist Brad Sugden

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