WV is the most obese state in the country

Local - 3/8/2013 7:00 PM by Lauren Haviland
BECKLEY - West Virginians are number one for the third year in row, but this top score is nothing to proud about.

Once again, West Virginians rank number one for being the most obese in the country.

"Not really surprised, no," said Fayette County resident, Dale Haynes.

"It's kind of sad actually," said Sarah Crook of Layland.

26% of Americans are considered obese, but 33.5% of West Virginians are over weight and if you fall into that category you're not only carrying around more, there are health risks to consider..

Dr. Elizabeth Nelson told Newswatch, "diabetes would be a problem, major problem and after that I'd say hypertension."

Hico resident, Donnie Treadway agreed, "triggered diabetes myself. I got over that the doctor said lose weight so I lost weight"

"I've lost over 30 pounds on my quest to discover the problem with weight," said Haynes.

For some, shredding pounds is easy, but for others we need a little bit of help.

Officials said one way to lead a healthier lifestyle could simply be switching to water rather than soda.

"Water is healthy. There's no carbohydrates in water, its simple. You drink a lot of water, you tend to eat less,  because your full." Nelson told Newswatch.

If drinking water isn't your thing, locals have some other helpful tips to help you get fit.

"Exercise along with eating right," said Crook.

"Chicken, fish, turkey and salads. No bread, no goodies," said Treadway.

But if you have a sweet tooth like myself, cut your portion in half.


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