UPDATE: Are we seeing an increase in meth?

Local - 3/7/2013 6:17 PM by Lauren Haviland
PINEVILLE - The number of reported meth labs in the mountain state has jumped more than 400-percent since 2008.

"Kind of alarming find. I think any more you can Google the ingredients of it and it's easy to make," said Beckley Police Dept. Chief of Detectives, Gant Montomery.

Since January 1, 2013 police in Greenbrier, McDowell, Raleigh and Wyoming Counties have all busted meth labs.

"Three to four years ago we had busted four meth labs in this county and once we done that it seemed like it slowed it down and now just here recently actually done a bust the 'shake and bake' system," said Wyoming County Sheriff, Randall Aliff.

Beckley Police haven't made a meth bust in years, until this week they arrested Mark Lyons, 44.

Montgomery told Newswatch, "it's not typical. I think that, well, I'm hoping that it will be a one time thing."

Prescription pills are still our biggest drug problem in the Mountain State, but officials are cracking down which they say could cause addicts to find another drug.

"We're seeing some impact to the pills, but it's still a tremendous problem in this county. I think once we get a handle on these prescription pills then you'll have to watch out for the meth labs. [Their] craving for drugs, their going to find something to get high on," said Aliff.

Not only is meth cheap, it's easy to make.

"You can make it in a thermos if you really know what you're doing," said Montgomery.

And because of that...

"We're making our officers aware on traffic stops to be observant for any materials that would indicate they may be having meth in the vehicles now," said Aliff.

A strong odor is also an indicator of meth lab.

As always police ask if suspect drug activity to call your local precinct or Crimestoppers.


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