Tree damages Fayette County home

Local - 3/3/2013 9:24 PM by Lauren Haviland
PAX - Sunday afternoon a Fayette County family thought there was an earthquake, but when they looked outside a large tree had fallen on their house.

The tree was not on their property, but when it fell it damaged their deck, roof and one of their cars. The Pax family doesn't think weather played a part because there was little wind and some flurries.  The family's grandson saw the whole thing happen.

"Didn't think nothing. I just heard the sounds, so I was ignoring it and then I saw the tree fall was like 'oh my gosh'.  I jumped off my bike threw it down I just ran up there I felt like I was flying," said Logan Browning.

Homeowner, Merle Messic told Newswatch, "it shook the house. Pictures hit me in the back of the head.  We thought earthquake first, didn't have any idea till he looked out."

The Messick's said an insurance claimer will be coming sometime Monday to check out the damage.


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