W.Va. House votes to update gun-rights law

Local - 2/23/2013 5:47 PM by Rebecca Turco

CHARLESTON - The West Virginia House of Delegates is aiming to clarify a law meant to protect gun ownership.

The House advanced a bill Friday that allows West Virginians to sue if the government tries to take away their guns during declared states of emergency, according to the Associated Press. A unanimous house voted to clarify the 2007 law meant to protect firearm ownership during such times. The measure would also protect residents' ammunition.

WOAY caught up with some locals to hear their reactions, and they said they agree with the bill.

"If they come in and take our guns, even though they say its a state of emergency, who's to say we're gonna get them back?" asked Tammy Akers of Oak Hill. "And then what's gonna happen if we have an emergency? We need our guns."

"You should be allowed to keep your gun for safety," said Kennie Suttle of Oak Hill. "If you have kids, you want to protect your kids and your wife and your family."







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