Weather - 9/26/2013 7:19 PM

Pleasant Weather Ahead


This evening is shaping up nicely!
It's currently 72 degrees across southern West Virginia.

CHILLY Tonight!
You can count on skies remaining clear, but temperatures will definitely drop off through the overnight hours into the upper 40s.

A GREAT weekend outlook!
Looking forward to a weekend of warm weather. Friday highs will reach the mid 70s and that warm weather will continue throughSaturday into Sunday. 

Rain chances will make its way back into the area Monday.

Full forecast coming up at 6:18 on Newswatch and again tonight at 11! 

You'll kick off your weekend with a warm up

Forecast by StormWatch Chief Meteorologist Kristian Claus

-If you want a check of the forecast without needing to come to the website; Heidi and Kristian invite you to check them out on Facebook Here or on Twitter @WOAYStormWatch!!!


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