Overwhelming majority voted to pass school levy, officials say

Local - 2/10/2013 6:10 PM by Karen Franklin
FAYETTEVILLE - An overwhelming majority of Fayette County residents voted to pass an excess levy that will generate millions of dollars for the county's schools.

Election officials told WOAY that 71 percent of voters, or almost 2,000 people, were in favor of the levy.

"It only required a simple majority vote, but when you have almost three quarters of your voting people supporting something, that shows that there's widespread support clear across the county in this case," said County Clerk Kelvin Holliday.

More than $9 million annually will go to areas within the school including maintenance, free textbooks and student safety and security, according to a sample ballot.

"I'm a grandparent and anything that's going to support and help my grandchildren, I'm all for it," said Bethel Ballard, who voted Saturday.

Beards Fork and Robson and Belva and Dixie, only two of 39 precincts, voted against continuing the levy.

Holliday told WOAY that although only 10 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot, it was "not a low turnout" for a special election.

Fayette County has had a five percent turnout during a special election, Holliday said.


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