Driver dozed off before ambulance crash that killed EMT, authorities say

Local - 2/8/2013 5:03 PM by Karen Franklin
MORGANTOWN - Authorities released the cause of a Jan Care ambulance crash that killed a passenger EMT last month.

On Friday, officials with the Lewis County Sheriff's Office said driver Justin Massie allegedly dozed off at the wheel while returning from a trip to Morgantown on Interstate-79.

When Massie woke up, he swerved left to avoid a semi-truck, but collided with its right side instead, Dep. F. J. Turansky told WOAY.

The crash killed passenger EMT Mark Kinder, 26, and almost completely removed the right side of the ambulance.
Massie was transported to Stonewall Jackson Hospital but was later released.

The fatal accident was the first reported in the company's 40 years, according to Jan Care officials. It was not  known if either man was wearing a seat belt.

No charges are pending, according to the sheriff's office.


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