"Our Uphill Battle" Part 3

Local - 2/7/2013 7:00 PM by Lauren Haviland

BECKLEY -  "I was introduced to meth and the first time I tried it, it was game on. Then and it was something that I continued to use pretty much all the time until I learned how to cook it and that's when things really got bad," said Matthew Campbell, a former meth addict.

Matthew Campbell struggled with meth for more than 20 years, including falling back into the habit after living a sober lifestyle at the learn center in Beckley.

"Relapsed and really got worse. That's when the meth use picked up even harder and more severe and extreme," said Campbell.

The 42-year-old grew up in a Christian home.  When his parents divorced when he was in the seventh grade he gave into peer pressure and started using alcohol and marijuana, which led to cocaine and eventually meth.

"It destroyed my life. I mean it took everything from me, family, homes, relationships and almost my health and got me into legal trouble," he told Newswatch.

Campbell said meth is very addictive and has no with real physical withdrawals, just psychological.

"Energy, confidence, false confidence really. You think that you're on top of everything and it makes you stay and it makes you stay up longer focus, but in turn you're going in circles.  It gives you sense of heightened awareness that comes sets into as paranoia afterwards," said the former meth addict.

Looking back at his life on drugs Campbell realizes the damage he could have done to himself and loved ones.

He said "I really would have hurt myself and other people. That's the hardest thing now that I'm clean and sober and picking up the pieces is to think of the damage I did to other people."

After relapsing Campbell is now back at the learn center for a second time sober. 

"I haven't used for over a month and just trying to take one day at a time," said Campbell.

If you know someone on meth the best thing is to call your local law enforcement agency or get the person checked into a sober living facility like the learn center.


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