"Our Uphill Battle" Part 2

Local - 2/6/2013 6:45 PM by Lauren Haviland

WELCH- Each state has their own set of social problems.  In the Mountain State many would say ours is prescription pills, but now things could be changing with methamphetamine use coming into the picture.

"Meth is even more addictive than the pain pills," said McDowell Prosecuting Attorney Ed Kornish.

"Methamphetamine, it keeps people awake for days long. They lose sleep they don't eat right, there for their diet is affected, their teeth become brittle crack and fall out," said Sgt. John Mabry, Tazewell County Sheriff's Dept.

One sign of meth addiction is aging drastically in a short period of time. Law enforcement said that could be caused by anxiety.

"They say they feel like bugs are crawling on them, so they will scratch places like arms or whatever feels is bugs crawling in their mind and they cause sores," said Mabry.

"You're whole system is no longer able to function because of the damage and the immediate damage that it does. That's what is so bad about it, is how it destroys the body so fast," said McDowell County Sheriff, Martin West.

The real danger doesn't just happen to the meth user, but to the community who surrounds them as well.

"The exhaust goes is also very real danger of explosion and I've seen places where the meth lab blew up," said Kornish.

"They've found methamphetamine in deposits in furniture six months later after the lab was taken out of those places so the effect they still do stay in the area," said Mabry.

"They don't understand that it could get in the water system and effect a whole community and they'll be responsible for any deaths that they cause," said Sheriff West.

Make sure to tune in on Thursday, February 7, 2013, for the third part of "Our Uphill Battle".  An ex-meth addict speaks out about his addiction.


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