"Our Uphill Battle" Part 1

Local - 2/5/2013 6:45 PM by Lauren Haviland

WELCH- For years now prescription pill use has been an epidemic in southern West Virginia, but officials are seeing a new drug creep up that could be our next big problem, methamphetamine.

"Economics is the big reason why it's taken over. It's like what can addicts get a hold of that's cheapest for them to feed their habit," said McDowell Prosecuting Attorney, Ed Kornish.

The McDowell County Sheriff's Department has already busted two labs this year. They also believe economics plays a role.

"We expect it's going to increase here, because we have a decline in the economy of jobs here. Big problem with unemployment here and the reason that people can not get a job now is the of the drug environment," said McDowell County Sheriff Martin West.

Kornish said meth is not only cheap to make, but can also lead to a big pay out.

"The costs if you're doing pills, cocaine, a lot of that comes from outside. Meth you can control the production of it locally so there's so people that are selling it for money tend to have a higher profit margin if they are in meth then some of the other drugs," said Kornish.

Law enforcement said the ingredients are easy to get, even your kids can buy them.

"Manufacturing is very, very simple it's dangerous, but it's simple," said Sgt. John Mabry of the Tazewell County Sheriff's Narcotics Unit.

"Such an easy drug to make, because they use over the counter items that they get that they can purchase without a prescription," said Sheriff West.

"Readily available to anyone just basic stuff that you can buy at Wal-Mart or hardware stores. Of course sudphedrine is the main ingredient, which is easy to get the ingredient easy to manufacture and I think that's  probably one of the reason its so popular," said Mabry.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Lauren Haviland will discuss what meth can do to a user and the community. Make sure to tune into Newswatch at 5PM and 6PM.


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