New trucks and gear at Coal City VFD thanks to levy

Local - 2/3/2013 5:46 PM by Rebecca Turco
COAL CITY - Firefighters at the Coal City Volunteer Fire Department said they are reaping the benefits from the recent fire levy.

The levy allowed them to buy two new trucks and replace several sets of gear more than ten years-old. The new fire engine replaced a fire truck more than 30 years-old, and a new utility truck replaced a rescue truck nearly 25 years-old.

Firefighters said the new equipment benefits the community. Chris Hatcher, president of the Raleigh County Firefighters Association, said Coal City was the first fire department to receive new trucks. "They're already getting quite a benefit out of [them]," he said.

Fire Chief Mark Stiefer said he has been around the department for 17 years and is pleased about the changes. "To actually see us be able to purchase new equipment - new stuff for the station, for the community - it makes me proud for that," he said.

Although Stiefer is grateful for the new equipment, he said the department still has replacements to make in the coming years. Stiefer said he hopes the fire levy will be renewed when the time comes in five years.


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