Weather - 2/2/2013 7:01 PM by Kristian Claus

  Could it have been any more chilly last night? I don’t think so! But then again, I am new to these parts. Meteorologist Kristian Claus here with your Storm Watch Forecast. Temperatures made it down to 7 degrees last night. We warmed back up into the 20s today and tonight temperatures will drop into the low 20s as well. Snow showers began earlier Saturday and will linger on into Sunday. We’re expecting a heavier dose of snow on Sunday. The good news is the snow showers should be tapering off by the time that we wake up for the morning commute on Monday.

Monday evening, the next clipper will be moving through bringing more snow showers to southern West Virginia. That will last through the day on Tuesday and will impact the Tuesday AM commute.


Saturday Night: Cold, not as cold as yesterday. Lows in the low 20s. Snow showers linger. Winds are out of the west 5 - 15 mph.

Sunday: Another chilly day with moderate snow showers. Accumulating snowfall is possible with a minimum of 2 - 4 inches. Temperatures will range from teens to 20s. Winds shifting to northwesterly at 10 - 20 mph.

Monday: Snow showers taper off before the AM commute. Snow showers will pick back up as the next clipper moves across the region, Monday night. Temperatures low teens, possibly single digits, warming into the 20s.

Tuesday: Moderate snow showers throughout the ending, ending late Tuesday night. Temperatures finally begin to climb back into the 30s again and overnight lows will be in the 20s.

Wednesday: High pressure brings a peaceful calm to our area, ending snow showers for the next several days. Temperatures will be warming for the next several days. Climbing into the upper 30s and low 40s. Overnight lows in the teens as a quick burst of cold air travels in overnight.

Thursday: Afternoon sunshine will allow us to warm back up from that burst of cold air and we should clear back into the 40s for the next several days. Overnight lows in the 20s.

Friday: Similar to Thursday. Pleasant winter-time weather for southern West Virginia. Temperatures ranging from highs in the low 40s to lows in the mid 20s.

Saturday: Looking nice. Temperatures in the upper 40s, and low 50s. Overnight lows in the low 20s.

- Meteorologist Kristian Claus


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