Nightclub safety regulations

Local - 1/29/2013 5:19 PM
BECKLEY - As the death toll in the Brazil nightclub fire has risen to 234 people, local fire prevention officials explain how safety codes can help prevent similar tragedies from happening.

The nightclub fire broke out early Sunday at a packed club in Santa Maria. Early investigations point to the band's pyrotechnics as the likely cause of the fire, according to police.

Safety codes in America govern and regulate the use of pyrotechnics, according to Captain Johnny Mann of the Beckley Fire Prevention Bureau. These codes also require regular building inspections and the installation of sprinkler systems in nightclubs and bars.

Firefighters advise folks to check exits and be aware of your surroundings whenever entering a building. "A lot of people are only familiar with the way they entered the building," said Captain Mann. "And when something happens, that's the way they instinctively go out."

Club 3D and Konquer in Beckley have passed safety inspections, according to Captain Mann.


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