Weather - 1/30/2013 7:49 AM by Heidi Moore

 Stormy Day Today...Much Cooler Tomorrow

Good morning folks! It has already been a busy day in the weather center.

Our temperatures are already in the upper 50's and some of us down in the coal fields are already in the 60's. We will see those temperatures rise throughout the morning and I wouldn't be surprised if we see a few 70's on the board.

Unfortunately all that daytime heating will not help us in the afternoon as that strong cold front approaches. The Storm Prediction Center still has us under a slight risk for severe weather today. The biggest threat would be strong damaging winds and possibly some small hail.

That being said I would like to remind everyone that there are High Wind Warnings in effect for Tazewell, Mercer and Pocahontas counties until Midnight tonight.

Heavy rain could cause some problems as well. Like Mike said yesterday, rivers could be running a bit high due to all the snow melt from yesterday and when that is coupled from the rain we are expecting today, flooding is not our of the question.

Today will definitely be one of those days that you want to keep up with WOAY Storm Watch. I'll be posting updates throughout the day and Mike will most likely be in early today.

Mother Nature is giving us a one-two punch. After the storms move through, our temperatures are going to plummet and we will begin to see the flakes fly. We could even see some accumulation over the next couple of days.


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