Tazewell County drug roundup

Local - 1/28/2013 5:34 PM

BLUEFIELD - Tazewell County law enforcement has 31 indictments in hand after their latest drug roundup.  The narcotics task force has been operating since 1988, and they say things have changed quite a bit from when it first started.  They rounded up 160 people since January of 2012, making this the most successful year in their history.  Law enforcement says most of these charges are for prescription drug abuse, which they say is an epidemic not only in this area but also across much of the country.  They have also seen a few heroine cases within the last year for the first time ever.  Many of the 31 defendents in this latest roundup are first time offenders, and members of the task force say the high numbers are not only a reflection of a solution to the problem but also of the hard work of those who serve.



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