New utility truck at Beaver Volunteer Fire Dept.

Local - 1/27/2013 7:13 PM by Rebecca Turco
BEAVER - The fire departments of Raleigh County have been reaping the benefits of the recent fire levy, which include a new $50,000 utility truck for the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department.

"We replaced our old command vehicle and utility vehicle and bought our new dodge pickup truck that we use for our utility," said Chris Hatcher, president of the Raleigh County Firefighter Association. The truck is the first truck out in bad weather thanks to four-wheel-drive and speed.

The utility truck can also carry more people than a regular fire truck.

Firefighter Richard Garten said he is glad the fire levy was passed. "The way money's been tight for all of the fire departments in Raleigh County...nobody really has the money to get more new things," he said. "But thanks to the levy, we finally can do that."


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