Community Reacts to U.S. Postage Increase

Local - 1/27/2013 6:15 PM by Karen Franklin
OAK HILL - Residents in Fayette County weren't happy to hear they'll be paying more for postage.

Beginning Sunday, the United States Postal Service said it will now charge 46 cents to send first-class mail.

"I don't like it," Oak Hill resident Billy Lanham told WOAY. "It's getting awful high just to mail a letter, you know? A penny- what is it? 46 cents now? That's an awful lot."

Lanham was talking with Sam Braenovich, who was just as angry about the change.

"I used to mail all my bills, but I'll just take them over there," Braenovich said. "It's cheaper. Get them all together at one time and take 'em to town and pay them.

Both men recalled postage costing as little as six cents.

"That was years ago," Braenovich said. "I can also remember when gasoline was 40 cents a gallon."

And if postage is increased again, Braenovich said he'd boycott.

"Quit going to the post office," he said. "You still get the mail, and heck with it. They can send me stuff."

The Postal Service said it will also increase priority mail shipping by four percent.


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