Kmart in Fayette County closes

Local - 1/27/2013 7:27 PM by Rebecca Turco
OAK HILL - Shoppers flocked to the closing sale of a Kmart store on Sunday in Fayette County.

Sales went up to 90 percent off at one point. "They announced that the entire store was going 90 percent off, so it was just a mad house from there," said Dave Petricka of Minnesota. Petricka and his wife traveled to several Kmart closings across the country on Sunday.

One employee says he feels bad for the people who have worked at the store for several years. "There's one lady in particular, she's worked here since the store actually opened," said Coty Dennler of Oak Hill. "I guess it's kind of emotional."

Shoppers said the checkout lines caused a long wait. Darlene and Ralph Davis of Falls View said they wanted to shop but could not wait that long. "We had some other things we had to do and some other stops to make," explained Ralph. "We didn't have time to invest waiting two hours to check out."

The Kmart in Oak Hill was open from 8 am until 7pm.


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