USPS prices going up

Local - 1/23/2013 2:38 PM by Lauren Haviland
OAK HILL- United States Post Offices are raising prices, but these prices shouldn't break the bank.

Sunday, January 27, the price of first class mail services will be going up, but only a penny, such as stamps from 45 to 46 cents and postcards from 32 to 33 cents.

"No one's every happy when prices increase. I wish I could say 'hey we could are cutting and reducing the prices of stamps the prices of stamps' that just isn't going to happen. The Postal Services has the biggest fleet of services in the entire world, except for the U.S. Military. and when you start talking about consumption of fuel of the investments and our investments in technology, it takes money to do those things," said Postmaster, Herb Balser.

Balser says even with the penny raise, the Postal Service is still the biggest bang for the buck in delivery companies.


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