Weather - 1/23/2013 5:10 AM
Misery Takes Another Form (For Some)

Good Morning All!

After a miserable day yesterday, most of you will walk outside and say it feels colder this morning. In most cases, that is true....granted the temperature is the same. This is due to the fact that we did not warm up all that much...and the clear skies allowed for the earth to radiatively cool (big word for losing its heat.)

Temperatures will warm today thanks to winds shifting more out of the west. Most neighborhoods will jump into the 20s. During the afternoon, we will start to introduce some cloud cover over the region and set up for what will be a quick hitting snow event. 

It will start sometime after 10pm....timing is going to be a little off due to the quick moving nature of the snow. It will snow, hard at times, for a good 5-6 hour period and taper off by the time the morning rush will start. I stress to take it easy tomorrow morning on the roadways. All roads are frozen at this point and we will see snow immediately stick to everything. Expect about 1-2 inches of snow in general....more along the northern and western facing slopes.

Thursday will be another chilly day with temperatures into the 20s with a stiff wind from the northwest. Another storm looks to push in for Friday into Saturday. The storm is not as impressive this morning on the models, but still will bring a mess to start, switching over to snow. Stay tuned to the tube, the net, Facebook group, and Twitter for the latest on that storm. 

StormWatch Forecast:

Today: A sunny start, increasing clouds in the afternoon. Highs: 20-30. Winds: NW-W 7-14 mph. Wind Chill: 3 to -6°F.

Tonight: Snow squalls, heavy at times. Lows: 7-15. Winds: NW 8-16 mph. Wind Chill: 0 to -8°F.

Thursday: Snow showers to start the day, slow clearing in the afternoon. Highs: 17-25.

Friday: Partly to mostly cloudy with a mess to start, transitions to snow. Highs: 22-32.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy with up-slope snow early. Highs: 18-26.

Sunday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 27-35.

Forecast by StormWatch Meteorologist Mike Lichniak. 


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