VIDEO INCLUDED: Keep Your Home Safe in Cold Weather

Local - 1/21/2013 6:11 PM by Heidi Moore

Things are about to get chilly here in Southern West Virginia and cold temperatures can be dangerous for you and even your house.

Temperatures are already on the cool side, the wind is blowing and its going to be like that for the next couple of days. So what can you do to help keep yourself and your house safe as the cold weather comes in?

With temperatures expected to get into the lower teens and potentially the single digits chances are your heat is going to be turned up full blast, however that will not help drafty areas in your home.

"Lets talk about weather stripping. If you've got drafts around your doors, windows, then you pick up some weather stripping and you want to keep that draft out of there." Said owner of American Hardware Bob Dorado.

The cold can also damage your house. Pipes which lead to faucets, showers and other areas which use water are at risk during cold weather.

"What happens normally, if your pipes are in a basement, or they are exposed, or you have a drafty area, your pipes will freeze and if it's copper tubing or plastic pipe its going to freeze and when it freezes its going to swell and burst." Dorado said.

There are ways to avoid that from happening.

"Pick up some pipe wrap!" Dorado tells NewsWatch. "We also have foam tubing you can just slide over your pipes and we also have heat tapes. Heat tapes are electric. You plug them in, they run from three feet to 30 feet. You stretch them along your pipe, put a little pipe wrap around them that will keep your pipes from freezing."

Space heaters are also nice to have on an arctic cold night, however you want to make sure you use them safely.

"If you're using an electric heater, make sure you don''t use an extension cord. You don't want your cords to get hot or frayed. If you're using propane make sure you have some vent. Propane does suck some of the oxygen out of the air. You want to make sure you use a heater that's safe." Dorado warned.

It is also advised that you consider purchasing a generator, just in case you lose power, and you still need to keep your house warm.


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