Less ammunition available for Beckley Police

Local - 1/16/2013 6:19 PM by Rebecca Turco
BECKLEY - Police had problems ordering ammunition recently as folks are buying it in bulk.

Beckley Police order ammunition in bulk once a year and some types of ammo are on back-order, according to police.

With the ongoing war, recent school shootings and talks of gun restrictions, lots of people are panicking and buying stockpile ammo, explained Captain Lonnie Christian. Patrol rifle ammo is more scarce and difficult to locate now.

"The police department, who need the ammunition in order to do their jobs, are adversely affected because of this, said Captain Christian. "It's just a simple supply and demand."

Beckley Police always has reserves of ammo to offset this, but Christian said they also must change how they do officer tactical training in order to conserve ammunition.


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