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Local - 1/2/2013 5:53 PM by Heidi Moore

Giving the gift of life is as simple as giving blood.

"Every two seconds someone in this country needs a blood product and needs a transfusion of some variety. January is a real tough time for us so we're trying to make some points and say 'hey you need to step up and donate.'" Said Red Cross Donor Representative Scott Hill.

In order to help raise awareness about the need for blood donors, Hill decided he'd shave off all his hair with hopes his new do will spark up conversations. What does shaving your head have to do with blood donations?

"A lot of people don't realize that 20% of our donations are used for cancer patients." Hill said.

He feels that by shaving his head he will be able to show his support for those who suffer from the disease, however he did have a few concerns as he sat down in the chair.

"I guess my fear is that I'll turn out looking like Uncle Fester off the Adams Family." Hill joked.

Hill chose to get his hair done at the county shop in the Crossroads Mall and Donnie Snyder, the shops owner, says he has never had someone shave their head for a good cause before

"It threw me off guard at first because he just came up and said 'hey I need my head shaved I'm with the Red Cross' and then he told me what it was for, for the cancer patients and doing a blood drive and I thought it would be a great thing initially." Snyder said.

Hill's new haircut has already inspired others to get involved when a blood drive comes to the mall in February.

"We're going to knock off three dollars on every regular haircut if you go donate blood and bring your certification from the blood drive and then on top of that, the day of the blood drive we're going to donate $1000 towards cancer patients." Snyder said.

If you are not in need of a haircut you can still help out the red cross by donating blood and potentially saving a life.


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