Baby born in Raleigh County on New Year's Day

Local - 1/1/2013 6:05 PM by Rebecca Turco
Two local parents rang in the new year with the birth of their baby boy.

After fourteen hours of labor, Jesom Edward Culver was born at 1:45 in the morning on January 1 at Raleigh General Hospital. At 24 inches long, he weighed nine pounds and six ounces.

Culver's first-time parents shared their initial reactions upon meeting their son. "At first you're like, is this real? Is this a dream?" said mother Evangeline Tiede of Mount Hope. "Because when I first saw him I was like, this isn't real. But it's amazing and you just can't believe it."

Father Frank Culver said he cried when he first held his son. "I balled like no other man could ball before," he said.

Jesom's parents said he is healthy and they cannot wait to take him home.


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