Government officials: Changes to gun laws must come from "grassroots up"

Local - 12/30/2012 6:12 PM by Rebecca Turco
Continuing the gun control debate following the Connecticut school shootings, government officials said changes to gun laws must come from the "grassroots up."

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said rural america should be a part of this national conversation, according to the Associated Press. The debate must start with respect to the right to bear arms, Vilsack said.

Despite this recognition of the Second Amendment, many West Virginians are wary of such a debate. "I'm a conceal, carry, permit holder and I'm proud of it," said Curtis Adkins of Oak Hill. "And I will carry mine because that is my right as an American."

Gary Belmont, Oak Hill, said sales of guns should be regulated more. "It's just something that has to be addressed," he explained. "Just keep it out of the people's hands that don't need them."


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