Kids Shop with Cops in Fayetteville

Local - 12/23/2012 9:03 PM by Nadine Grimley
The Fayette County Fraternal Order of Police hosted it's annual shop with a cop event Sunday.

40 officers were able to take about 150 kids shopping inside the Fayetteville Walmart.  Capt. Jim Sizemore with the Fayette County Sheriff's Department said that this is the most children they have been able to buy presents for, which in this economy, means that the community has been stepping up greatly to help the program.

"The people of Fayette County are extraordinarily generous.  They know there's a lot of kids living in poverty in this county," said Sizemore.  "People have dug deep, they've made donations.  We've received large donations from some of the businesses, but the ones that really mean a lot are from the folks that may only be able to contribute five dollars, but they give what they can to help the kids in this county."


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