DOH Works on Plowing Snow

Local - 12/21/2012 4:22 PM by Lauren Haviland
Friday is the first day of winter and it's finally beginning to look a lot look like Christmas.

Luckily for the Department of Highways they saw this storm brewing and began treating the roadways Thursday night.  They start with roads like Route 19, and other four lanes, then work their way down to roads that aren't driven as much. They are hoping with the holidays coming up more traffic will help clear the roads.

"The more traffic we get the better the salt works so I like, especially when big, deep snow the traffic actually helps us it keeps the salt working, so it's really working to our benefit right now. I'm sure were going to have heavier traffic closer to Christmas," said Danny Hypes.

As the snow continues to fall the Department of Highways will continue to treat to the roads..


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