Pet Pictures with Santa at "Santa Claws"

Local - 12/8/2012 5:34 PM by Rebecca Turco
Pets had the chance to meet jolly old Saint Nick on Saturday afternoon as part of a fundraiser for a local non-profit called "Santa Claws."

The Raleigh County Animal Rescue hosted "Santa Claws" at PetSmart in the Crossroads Mall. Pet owners paid $10 for a framed picture.

Organizers said the photo makes for a great memory. "When you can have your little pet, your little baby, with Santa Claws, sitting on your fireplace in a cute little picture frame, it's great," said Missy Omar.

The Raleigh County Animal Rescue uses events like this to raise money for their organization and to bring awareness of issues they face, such as the need for more fosters for rescue pets.

"Santa Claws" photo opportunities will be held again tomorrow and next weekend from 11 am to 4 pm.

Anyone interested in becoming a foster can contact the Raleigh County Animal Rescue at 304-228-9047, or visit their Facebook page.


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