Baskets of Hope Given to Domestic Violence Victims

Local - 12/7/2012 4:51 PM by Lauren Haviland
Many of us know exactly what we want for Christmas, but for more than 200 women they are going to be surprised when they just get the necessities.

Women who are victims of domestic violence throughout the state will be getting body wash, toothbrushes, blanket and pillow thanks to the Women's Business and Training Center, New River Community and Technology College, Wal-Mart and other generous donors.

"You walk in with these baskets and of course being women, we all cry.  They're crying, I'm crying and we're all smiling and it's just a wonderful feeling.  We'll be delivering in the next two weeks and so that everything will be out and delivered before Christmas," said Karen Jones, with the Women's Business and Training Center. 

Though the baskets will go out next week they are still looking for donations. 


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