VIDEO: Weather and Health

Local - 12/5/2012 4:27 PM by Heidi Moore

Aside from getting a day off from work or school, the flu is never any fun.

"Aching, likely you'll have a fever, low grade fever 100, 101 something like that, cough, generally feeling miserable." Said Nancy Ward, the Infection Control Nurse from Raleigh County General.

With abnormally high temperatures and sunny skies, many people have been out enjoying the weather. It's hard to believe that it's December 5th, holiday decorations are up, I'm comfortable in a light sweater, but can these roller coaster temperatures be a cause of the flu? Ward says no,
"You must be exposed to the influenza virus and you don't do that because its hot or cold." she said.

If the weather doesn't cause the flu then what effect does the big swing in temperatures play on our health?

"You do see people with more upper-respiratory nasal congestion, that sort of thing with allergies." Candance Hurd of the Raleigh County Health Department.

How do warm days followed by chilly ones cause an increase in allergy symptoms?

"You're not killing off all the pollen and things that are still on the trees, its not cold long enough to freeze off everything, you still have some symptoms." Hurd said.

Only time will tell if mother nature will go back to her normal seasonal patterns and even though she can't give you the flu, It's still a good idea to get your shot and sanitize.


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