MSU Presents Appeal for Decision to Overturn Accreditation

Local - 12/4/2012 12:33 PM
Mountain State University officials presented an appeal to an independent panel Tuesday in Chicago, hoping to overturn the Higher Learning Commission's decision to pull accreditation.

The appeal states that the school was in compliance with the accrediting body's demands when the decision was made in June. MSU will present a case outlining why they feel the wrong decision was made and will be questioned by the Higher Learning Commission.

Director of Public Relations Andrew Wessel said they knew it was important to give it one last shot. "We recognize that it is a fairly slim chance that they will overturn their decision," he said. "But we wanted to go to Chicago and make our case in the strongest possible terms, and we'll see where the chips fall from there."

If the decision is not overruled, Mountain State University's last day as a university will be December 31.


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