Fayette Co. Woman Sentenced for Embezzlement

Local - 12/3/2012 4:36 PM
A Fayette County woman is sentenced for stealing thousands of dollars from a Fayetteville business.

Karen Brandstetter got a suspended prison term of one to 10 years.  She'll also be on probation for 42 months.  Brandstetter was convicted of stealing more than $69,000 from Fayetteville Physical Therapy.  Meanwhile, Truett Harris of Fayetteville Physical Therapy says he's relieved that the whole ordeal is over.

"After three years of having to defend ourselves from having a thief work for us, I thought it was refreshing that Judge Hatcher said she was a thief," he says.

Brandstetter also must spend 120 days in Southern Regional Jail, which must be served on weekends.


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