WV Board of Education Confirms Marple Firing

Local - 11/29/2012 5:50 PM by Mike Pickett
The West Virginia Board of Education affirmed the firing of Superintendent Jorea Marple.

The board voted six to two on Thursday to remove her from office.  This was the second vote on her this month.  They voted to fire her by a 5 to 2 vote on November 15th, but voted again after concerns were raised over possible violations of the state's open meetings law.  19 of Marple's supporters spoke at Thursday's board meeting, asking them to keep her as superintendent.  

"They need to say sorry," says Judy Robinson of Raleigh County.  "They have insulted the citizens of West Virginia with this egregious procedure."

Other supporters claimed the board never told them why Marple was fired.  Board President Ward Linger said she was fired for several reasons, including concerns over student performance and her inability to tackle some problems.

"When discussing concerns, we were often met with excuses and not action," he said.  "Too often, we were told how things can't change and instead of being offered solutions."

Meanwhile, some Marple supporters are hoping the courts will overturn their decision, especially with a pending legal challenge asking the Supreme Court to void the board's decision.

"I hope the legal system will overturn the egregious actions of Dr. Marple's termination," says Karen Ireland, a parent who spoke out against the board's decision.  "But I'm deeply saddened as a parent that we've lost someone who's a visionary."

The Board of Education met in executive session to discuss a new superintendent, but no public action will be taken until their next meeting in December.


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