Shopping Till You Drop on Black Friday, VIDEO INCLUDED

Local - 11/23/2012 11:00 PM by Lauren Haviland

When the Crossroads Mall doors open at midnight on Black Friday, the stores began to flood with people, and all day shops continued to see the crowds.

"Probably about 7:30 this morning," said Lacey Cox.
"Maybe about two hours and we'll probably have another two before we have to get back on the road," said Katrina Frye.
"Well I went out from eight last night until 2:30 in the morning and then I came back out with my parents," said Jerika Jones.

With bags in hand many say the mass amount of people is worth it to get great deals.

"Some of them are like 50-60% off," said Frye.
"55% off plus more so it's been profitable," said Emma White.
"A lot of clothing deals. $10 sweaters at Penny's," said Pam Jones.
"Bath and Body Works has three for $3," said Jerika Jones.
"Price will be $100-125 we are getting a lot for $40-50 today," said Cox.
"Penny's has $5 shirts, $10 sweaters," said Andrea Wright.

Most people walked away with a good deal on Black Friday here at the mall but they also walked away with something else.

"To be with family, we all come up to be with family," said Wright.
"Gets us in the spirit of Christmas. Kind of a tradition to come on Black Friday," said Frye.
"Being with out family by far. My son is in town from Virginia and we've had a wonderful time, I think it's the family atmosphere that makes it all worth while," said Pam Jones.

There is only 31 days left till Christmas so if you didnt make it to the mall Friday, you still have a few more days to shop.


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