43 Million Expected to Travel This Holiday Weekend, VIDEO INCLUDED

Local - 11/21/2012 6:30 PM by Lauren Haviland

A total of 43 million people will be traveling this holiday weekend, including by railway.  Wednesday morning 11 passengers got off the train in Prince.

"Not bad at all.  We anticipated to be more crowded, but this time it was very comfortable people getting off and on very smoothly," said Tom Faust of North Carolina.

While all around travel is on the increase, air travel is on the decline, and flyers at Raleigh County Memorial Airport could tell.

"I fly a lot actually and being here it's I like it a lot better here because obviously there not hundreds of people walking around," said William Sutterfield of Kentucky.

90% of all travelers will be on the roadways and it was very noticeable at the Beckley Travel Plaza the day before Thanksgiving.

There are more people coming in and out of the Travel Plaza this holiday weekend and traveler's say that because of a few reasons.

"Depends on new much he sleeps he really he's a good sleeper in the car so probably one or two," said Sara Crouch of Washington, D.C., about her infant son.

"We usually only stop maybe one or two times, but now we stop four or five times," said Kara Baird of Kentucky, about her dog Miley.

"More stops for us because of our age," said Sara Dunn of South Carolina.

AAA and drivers we spoke with agree traffic has increased this holiday weekend.

"Traffic not bad today, 77 has been fine and we took some smaller roads when we were in Virginia," said Danny Crouch of Washington, D.C.

"I think there was only about two to three times that we had to stop and luckily they were only about 10 minutes," said Shane Custer of South Carolina.

"Traffic was crazy, yeah that was kind of scary, especially in Charleston about 9 this morning," said Sutterfield.

Sunday is expected to be the busiest traveling day.


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