Wyoming Co. Circuit Clerk Treks to D.C.

Local - 11/16/2012 10:51 PM by Rebecca Turco

A Wyoming County circuit clerk known as "Bugs" is taking a stand for the coal mining industry by taking a walk!

David "Bugs" Stover said he wants to help save one of West Virginia's main industries by walking all the way to the nation's capital. Stover has already trekked to Washington, D.C. twice to advocate for coal mining.

Stover said America can't let President Obama's environmental regulations shut down the coal business for good. "I can't imagine that there is a logical reason to close this down," he said. "And I'd like someone up there to tell me what it is, if it exists."

Stover said innovation in making coal "cleaner" could be the solution, instead of eliminating production altogether. "If anyone can burn coal efficiently and clearly, it's the United States of America. Let's do it."

Stover started walking Friday evening and plans to walk 16 hours a day. He hopes to make it to D.C. by November 25.


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