Mother Fed Up With Teens Out of Control Lifestyle, VIDEO INCLUDED

Local - 11/16/2012 6:30 PM by Lauren Haviland

"My son is a good kid, he's just made some bad choices," said Gwen Alexander, mother of 17-year-old out of control son.

Gwen Alexander says her son and his gang called 'The Jack Boys' in East Beckley are out of control.

"My son including with three other juveniles have been sent off due to carrying guns in their backpacks, fighting, violence, and see my questions is why does it take all of this to get help for these kids," said Alexander.

These boys are vandalizing homes, drinking alcohol, and doing drugs.

For the past few months Alexander's son and his clique have been trying to leave their mark in this neighborhood, well right behind me they left it on some telephone wires.

"Those shoes that were put on that telephone pole were my shoes that's the sign of a crack house or drug dealing," said Alexander.

These actions have caught up to the 17-year-old, right now Alexander's son is sitting in a detention center in Princeton.

"Thursday took a BB gun and shot somebody in the neck.  Now, if that had a been a regular gun if a cop had of seen that they would of shot him," said Alexander.

Alexander tried to get help for her son before this happened, but she had to wait a month when she filed for an in cordial petition.

"But look what's happened. I've been trying to get help for my son, because of his out of control behavior of since November 8th. Okay? And look what's happened, somebody had to get hurt for him to get help," said Alexander.

Police have been called out to Morris Avenue plenty of times, but Alexander says neighbors have to help control this problem.

"We as a community need to stick together. I'm not the only one that seen these kids at night drinking.  I'm not the only parents that has problem with their children," said Alexander.

Alexander says their's one group in the community that can help save this group of boys from destroying their future.

"We need some more mentors out here we need some more men to step up to the plate and help some of these young boys before they get out of control and they cant be helped," said Alexander.

Though Alexander will not see her son for awhile, she hopes he knows she's doing this for him.

"My son is an excellent child and I want to see him to get the help he needs. I want him to know that he's better than these streets and it's time to wise up and grow up before turns an adult," said Alexander.


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